Cherie Kreikemeier 200 S Lincoln Rm 101 West Point, NE 68788 (402)372-6000 FAX: (402)372-6013 term expires: 1/2023 The County Assessor is an elected official who has the general supervision over and the direction of the assessment of all property in his or her county. The duties are prescribed by Nebraska Statutes, Rules and Regulations (Chapter 77), which have the effect of law. The following is a partial list of those duties:
  • Administer the assessment statutes of Nebraska law.
  • Establish and maintain fair and equitable value on all real and personal property within the county.
  • Attend all meetings of the County Board of Equalization.
  • Review all applications for religious, charitable and educational tax exemptions.
  • Maintain cadastral records (i.e., parcel maps) on all property in the county.
  • Prepare abstract of value and certification of taxes levied for State Property Tax Administrator.
  • Prepare annual tax roll for the County Treasurer.
  • Hold and maintain a valid certificate.
  • Attend mandatory workshops.
  • Obtain a minimum of 40 hours of continued education bi-yearly.
The county assessor has the duty to value all real and personal property in the county as a basis for the county board to levy taxes. The assessor must be certified by the Department of Property Assessment & Taxation in order to hold office and obtain the required continuing education hours to be recertified. General Information Available from this office:
  • Tax district information on a property in Cuming County
  • Ownership of a property in Cuming County
  • Valuation information on a property in Cuming County
  • Valuation of improvements on a property in Cuming County
  • Age of a structure in Cuming County
  • Size and dimensions of a parcel in Cuming County
  • Eligibility information on Homestead Exemptions
  • How to file a property protest in Cuming County
How Values Change
  • Fluctuations in the market
  • Outside influences on the property
  • Addition or removal of improvements
  • Remodel or rehabilitation
Property Tax Exemptions
  • Educational facilities
  • Religious facilities
  • Certain seniors or persons with disabilities
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Roxann Fast
PO Box 267
West Point, NE 68788
Fax (402) 372-6993
term expires: 1/2023

Hours: 8: 30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (Do not close over noon hour)

Telephone Numbers:

  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes: (402)372-6011
  • Driver’s License: (402)372-6016 (Tuesday’s only)


  1. To collect all revenues for the County
  2. To bill and collect all real estate and personal taxes in the County
  3. Title and Register all motor vehicles with tax situs in the County
  4. To collect fees for driver licenses, C.D.L.’s, learner permits, I.D. cards, school permits, etc.
  5. To disburse collections to the proper political subdivisions
  6. Title and Boat Registration
  7. Title and Snowmobile Registration

Informational Materials Available:

  • C.D.L. books
  • Driver license books
  • Provisional operator permits
  • Board books
  • Specialty license plate applications

Services and links provided by the Treasurer:

When are real property taxes due?
Real property taxes are due December 31. The first half of the tax becomes delinquent on the following May 1 and the second half becomes delinquent on September 1.

When are personal property taxes due?
Personal property taxes are due December 31. The first half of the tax becomes delinquent on the following May 1 and the second half becomes delinquent on September 1.

On the due date, the taxes become a first lien on all personal property you own. If the taxes are not paid, any personal property you own, whether taxable or not, is subject to seizure in order to satisfy the lien.


Planning, Zoning & Floodplain Administrator

Becky Lerch, CFM                           
200 S. Lincoln Room 202         
West Point, NE 68788              
(402)372-6008   office
(402)380-4726   mobile

Planning Commission Members

Tim Hunke, Chairman    402-380-0931
Mark Schweers, Vice-Chairman   402-380-8107
Kevin Brester, Secretary    402-750-6159
Rick Fullner   402-380-3414
Duane Drieling    402-380-1011
Paul Meyer   402-640-5921
Terry Jahnke   402-380-2158
Jesse Schold    402-380-0735
Larry Zobel    402-380-8597

Board of Adjustment Members

Randy Wattermann, Chairman 402-372-7005
Paul Peters, Vice Chairman 402-380-9882
Paul Meyer, Secretary/Planning Commission Representative 402-640-5921
Tom Hagedorn 402-380-9612
Daryle Urwiler 402-380-4353
Grant Brockemeier, alternate 402-394-5996

Public Records Request Form

Cuming County Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Adopted December 28, 2020 by Resolution 20201201

Current Zoning Regulations 

Zoning Regulations Adopted February 26, 2020 by Resolution 20200201 amended 9/30/2020

Subdivision Regulations Adopted August 29, 2018 by Resolution 20180805

Frequently Asked Questions
Cuming County Zoning Fee Schedule

Zoning Map - Electronic Map
From there, click on the Planning/Zoning Tab. There is a key on the left hand side under layers.
Current Zoning Map - PDF File - Adopted February 26, 2020

Zoning Application Forms 

Non-Agricultural Permit Application 
Grain Bin Permit Application
Ag Structure Permit Application
Livestock Feeding Operation Permit Application
Livestock Matrix - Department of Ag
Waiver of Separation Distance 
Conditional Use Permit Application 
Lot Split Application
Change of Lot Boundary
Change of Zoning Form
Variance Form
Variance Supplemental Requirements
Floodplain Development Permit Application

Planning Commission Meeting Documents

Public Meeting/Public Hearing Policy Procedures

Documents for Public Review

Agenda 02 15 2021
Public Notice 02 15 2021
Minutes 02 15 2021

Agenda 06 21 2021
Public Notice 06 21 2021
Minutes 06 21 2021




Archived PC Meeting Documents


2019 Planning Commission Minutes
2019 Planning Commission Agendas
2019 Planning Commission Public Notices
2018 Planning Commission Minutes
2018 Planning Commission Agendas
2018 Planning Commission Public Notices
2017 Planning Commission Minutes
2017 Planning Commission Agendas
2017 Planning Commission Public Notices
2016 Planning Commission Minutes


Archived Zoning Regulations & Map

Cuming County Zoning Regulations - adopted July, 2000 amended November, 2002
Cuming County Zoning Regulations - amended September 30, 2015
Cuming County Zoning Regulations - amended February 23, 2016
Cuming County Zoning Regulations - amended March 28, 2017
Cuming County Zoning Regulations - amended November 27, 2018
Cuming County Zoning Regulations - adopted February 26, 2020

Cuming County Zoning Map - adopted May 25, 2016

Archived Comprehensive Plan

Complete Cuming County Comprehensive Plan (57 MB)
Introduction and Chapter 1: Cuming County Today (4.2 MB)
Chapter 2: Land Use, Environmental Resources & Energy (20.4 MB)
Chapter 3: Transportation, Infrastructure, & Public Facilities (3.1 MB)
Chapter 4: Plan Principles (2.8 MB)
Chapter 5: Cuming County’s Future Land Use Plan (revised 9/30/2015) (5 MB)
Chapter 6: Housing in Cuming County (6 MB)
Chapter 7: Plan Implementation (1.7 MB)


Clerk of Courts

Cuming County Court Sandy Meyer Clerk Magistrate 200 S. Lincoln, Room 103 West Point, NE 68788 Phone # 402-372-6003 Fax # 402-372-6030 Types of Cases filed in County Court:
  • Small Claims
  • Civil
  • Probate
  • Guardianships
  • Adoptions
  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile Petitions
For questions on the above or for information on paying traffic citations or court fines, please call the phone number listed above. Related links: Clerk of the District Court Laura Wagner 200 S Lincoln Rm 200 West Point, NE 68788 (402) 372-6004 FAX:(402) 372-6017 term expires: 1/2023 Original Jurisdiction District Courts have original jurisdiction in all:
  • Felony cases
  • Equity cases
  • Domestic relations cases
  • Civil cases where the amount in controversy involves more than $51,000
Appellate Jurisdiction District Courts have appellate jurisdiction in:
  • Certain matters arising out of County Court
  • Administrative appeals, where they review the record of testimony and evidence from the lower court or tribunal and issue an opinion and ruling in the case
District Court decisions may be appealed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals and/or to the Nebraska Supreme Court. Clerks of District Court also act as Acceptance Agents for obtaining passports, as well as Jury Commissioner for their county. We will be happy to help you if we can. However, this office is not staffed with licensed attorneys, therefore, this office can not and will not give you legal advice. Case Types - Civil vs. Criminal Cases Most legal matters filed in Nebraska state courts are classified as being civil or criminal in nature. Civil Cases Are disputes between private citizens, corporations, governmental bodies, or other organizations May involve property or personal rights Criminal Cases Are brought by the state against individuals or groups of individuals accused of committing a crime Are initiated by the state because crimes are considered acts against all of society Filing Fees & Misc. Costs A complete listing of filing, witness, jury, photocopy and fax fees can be found on the Nebraska Judicial Branch website. Copies and certified copies of filings may be obtained from the District Court office. The following fees apply for obtaining copies:
  • Photocopies: The cost of photocopies is $0.25 per page.
  • Certification: The cost of certification is $1.00 per seal.
  • Mailed copies: Prepayment for the cost of the copies plus a self-addressed stamped envelope are required before we will mail any photocopies. Contact the District Court office at (402) 372-6004 for the exact cost of the documents you need.
  • Faxed copies: The cost of faxed copies is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. There is no charge for the cover sheet. Payment in advance is required.
  • Faxed filings: The cost of faxed filings is $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. There is no charge for the cover sheet. All fax filings must comply with the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules for the Use of Fax Machines in State Courts.
Payments Our office does not currently accept payment by credit or debit card. Judicial Districts - Background Information District courts are trial courts that are divided into judicial districts serving all 93 counties of the State. Nebraska is divided into 12 judicial districts encompassing all 93 counties. Across the State, district boundaries are aligned with county lines – some districts include just one county, while others include as many as 17. Each district has at least one district court location, although a judge may preside in more than one district court within a judicial district, particularly in rural areas of the State. There are currently 55 district judges. Cuming County is in the Seventh Judicial District Juror Information - Selection Process Citizens are selected to serve on a jury from a combined list of Cuming County registered voters and licensed drivers.
  • A questionnaire is mailed to each member of the potential jury pool once a year.
  • Citizens who receive this questionnaire are required under penalty of law to answer the questions and return the form to the District Court within ten days. You may be found in contempt of court if:
    • You fail to respond to a jury summons without good cause
    • You fail to answer the qualification form
    • You misrepresent anything on the form
  • Please note that our jury questionnaire will never ask for your social security number or bank account information. If you receive something that appears to be from the court that requests this private information, please contact your local police department immediately.
  • Each questionnaire will be evaluated and those who meet the established criterion will then be put into our jury pool for the year.
  • When a jury trial is set, an impartial, random selection from this jury pool is performed as required by law. Some people are chosen several times during their lifetime, others are never chosen.
If you have any questions concerning the jury selection process, you may contact the Clerk of the District Court, who also serves as the Jury Commissioner, at (402) 372-6004. Juror Qualifications To qualify as a juror in Cuming County, you must:
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Be physically and mentally capable
  • Be able to read, speak and understand the English language
  • Live in Cuming County, Nebraska
Disqualifications You may be disqualified from serving on a jury for the following reasons:
  • If you have been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment in an adult correctional facility when the conviction has not been set aside or a pardon issued
  • If you are a Judge, Clerk of a District Court, Sheriff, or Jailer
  • If your spouse has been summoned for the same jury panel
  • If you or your spouse is a party to a lawsuit pending for trial to the jury panel for which you are summoned
  • If, within the past five years, you have served as a petit juror for more than four weeks, served on more than one grand jury, or served on both a grand jury and a petit jury
  • If you are 65 years or older, you can request not to serve, but you must do so at the time your juror questionnaire is returned
Cuming County Attorney Daniel Bracht 128 N Main St. West Point, NE 68788 (402)372-5500 term expires: 1/2023 Cuming County Deputy Attorney Wendy Ridder 128 N Main St. West Point, NE 68788 (402)372-5500 The county attorney has a duty to prosecute or defend all civil or criminal suits in which the state or county is a party or interested, on behalf of the state or county. The county attorney shall appear before any magistrate and conduct any criminal examination, prosecute all civil suits before any magistrate in which the state or county is a party or interested. When the county board or county officers request opinions or advice concerning duties of the offices or matters in which the state or county may have an interest, the county attorney shall give opinions or advice for no fee. The county attorney shall perform all duties enjoined by law upon the county coroner and shall be ex officio county coroner. Related links: Bad Check Form Nebraska Attorney General Nebraska Courts


Bradley Boyum
200 South Lincoln St., Rm.203
West Point, NE 68788

Office: (402) 372-6019; Fax: (402) 372-6018


term expires: 1/2023

In-car Computer Specification Bidder Sheet

General Duties

The Cuming County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for a full range of law enforcement and court-related duties. The Sheriff’s Office is staffed by 6 employees including 5 commissioned officers and 1 office manager. The officers respond to emergency and routine calls for service in addition to conducting self-initiated prevention and detection of law violations, investigate criminal activity and traffic accidents, and performing coroner’s duties. They also perform more specialized duties such as fugitive apprehension, court security, crime prevention and education, drug offense investigation, extradition of prisoners from other counties and states, major crime investigation, service of civil process, and training.

Interagency Cooperation

The officers of the Sheriff’s Office have law enforcement authority throughout Cuming County, including its cities, villages, and townships. The Sheriff’s Office maintains strong partnerships with surrounding agencies including the Bancroft Police Department, Beemer Police Department, Wisner Police Department, West Point Police Department, III Corps Drug Task Force, Nebraska State Patrol, and Game and Parks Commission. These partnerships enable the Sheriff’s Office to provide a higher level of service while maximizing available resources.

Civil Process Service Fees

All civil papers issued to the Sheriff’s Office for service, whether it be from the Courts, an attorney’s office or from the litigants themselves, must have a prepaid deposit before service. The deposit is separate from any filing fees paid to the Court Clerk to have a paper issued. When filing papers with another court, these papers should be delivered or mailed to the Sheriff's office along with a cover letter that includes the phone number and mailing address of the individual or business requesting service and a check to cover the deposit for service. Service will be attempted and then an invoice will be sent to the appropriate offices.

Advance fees for service for Cuming County:
General paper service: $50.00
Execution: $500.00

These fees are a combination of the cost for process, service, maintenance, mileage and return. If the costs for service are more than the advance fees paid, then an invoice will be sent out for the remaining costs.

Eviction Policy

One of the most frequently asked questions about civil procedures is the eviction process. The information contained on this page is for informational use only. For detailed information or legal advice, please contact an attorney or research the references provided at the end of this article.

Legal eviction in Nebraska must be accomplished through a civil court lawsuit of forcible entry and detainer filed by the plaintiff/landlord versus the tenant that is to be evicted. The Sheriff’s Office role in the lawsuit is through the service of three different types of civil process generated by the procedure. Services the Sheriff’s Office provides in the eviction process are listed below in their respective order.

Notice to Quit

The first step is for a plaintiff/landlord to provide a written notice demanding the tenants vacate the property. The plaintiff will prepare a document referred to as a “notice to quit” and may choose to have the Sheriff’s Office serve the writ. There are no statutes that dictate a particular type of service or return day for a notice to quit. The Sheriff’s Office policy is to attempt service as soon as practical, and service can be either personal, residential or may be accomplished by posting the notice on the door of the residence. The Sheriff’s Office does not provide forms for these notices, nor give advice as their content. The notice to quit is NOT a court document and does not order removal of the occupants. It is simply a notice for the tenant to vacate the property by a specific date or the case will be taken to the court for eviction. After the service of a notice to quit, should the tenant fail to move, the plaintiff must then commence suit in a court with jurisdiction in order to proceed.

Summons of Forcible Entry

A Summons, a notice of the suit, may be sent to the Sheriff’s Office for service. The summons contains a time and a date for trial and must be returned to the court within 3 days of issuance. Service of the summons may be personal or residential.

Writ of Restitution

If the landlord prevails at trial and is awarded judgment, a Writ of Restitution may be issued. The Writ of Restitution orders the Sheriff to remove the defendant and restore the premises to the plaintiff in the procedure described below. A Writ of Restitution must be executed and returned to court within 10 days of issuance. Because of this relatively narrow window, it will be executed without delay. To expedite the process, the plaintiff should provide a contact name and phone number for their representative.

Eviction Procedures

Unless some other type of action is specified in the Writ of Restitution, service will be executed as follows.

Sheriff’s Officers will contact the plaintiff, plaintiff’s attorney, or authorized agent to set up a time/date for restoring the premises to the plaintiff. The Sheriff’s Office requires the plaintiff or their authorized agent to take possession of the premises at the time of eviction. Should the plaintiff choose to change the locks on the residence, the Sheriff’s Office is not obligated to stand by while the residence is being secured.

Officers will serve the defendant’s copy by personal, residential, or posting. It is the Sheriff’s Office policy to try and give 3 days notice whenever reasonable to allow the defendant time to voluntarily vacate the premises and remove their personal property. This time frame also aids the plaintiff from having to dispose of property under the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act. Generally, the Sheriff’s Office will not execute Writs of Restitution at night.

At the time of eviction, the Officer will arrive at the location and remove any occupants from the premises. If necessary, Occupants will be advised of trespassing violations they could be subject to if they return. Tenants with personal property remaining in the residence must contact the plaintiff to arrange for removal. Provisions for such are set out in the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act. Officers will not take part in the disposal or removal of personal property unless specifically ordered by the court.

Whenever Officers have removed occupants from a premise, they shall supply the occupant with a short period of time to obtain vital personal effects, or obtain such effects for the occupant. Officers will take action to protect the person removed, if necessary, due to age, infirmity, mental or emotional condition, illness or disability as provided by law.

If the premises involved are rental properties such as a house or an apartment, and the premises have been turned over to the plaintiff, the Officer has no further obligation.

Following is a list of statutes that are applicable to these proceedings. They are in no way all-inclusive to this subject and are not to be construed as legal advice. Nebraska Statutes are available at the Nebraska Law Library or online at Nebraska Legislature.

25-21,219 through 25-21.235
Forcible Entry and Detainer

76-1401 through 76-1449
Landlord and Tenant Act

76-1450 through 76-14,111
Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act

69-2301 through 69-2314
Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tennant Act

Distress Warrants

Every November the Sheriff’s Office receives distress warrant information from the Cuming County Treasurer’s Office. Distress warrants notify the Sheriff’s Office of individuals and businesses within Cuming County who have delinquent personal property taxes. The Sheriff’s Office is mandated by state statute to attempt to collect those unpaid taxes.

After receiving the distress warrants, the Sheriff’s Office sends written notices to those named on the warrants in an attempt to obtain voluntary compliance. If direct payment is not obtained, an Officer is assigned to demand payment. The Officer can also seize and sell personal property of the individual or business to satisfy the delinquent taxes.

Special Court Orders

The Cuming County Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of serving certain court documents that pertain to domestic situations. Among these are Child Custody Orders, Harassment Protection Orders, Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, and Show Cause Protection Orders. Serving these domestic-related papers is a priority for the Sheriff’s Office, and every attempt to accomplish service in the most prompt and efficient way possible is made.

Child Custody Orders

Orders for Temporary Child Custody are issued from the District Court. This orders a party in an action be granted physical custody of a minor child or children. It demands that the party being served the order relinquish custody to the petitioning party. The Sheriff’s Office will serve these orders, but unless the judge issuing the order specifically directs the Sheriff’s Office to facilitate the return of the child/children, the Officers will not become involved in the transfer of custody, nor will they stand by while the transfer takes place. Requests by the petitioner to accompany Officers in the service of these orders are not granted unless certain exigent circumstances exist. Past experience has shown that the presence of the petitioner during service can escalate the potential for danger.

Protection Orders

There are 3 types of Protection Orders; Harassment Protection Orders, Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, and Sexual Assault Orders. Each have different requirements for issuance and are granted upon a judge’s acceptance of the merits of the petitioner’s application. Penalties for violation of either type of Protection Order are similar. If the application is unclear, or raises questions as to its merit, the judge will issue a Protection Order to Show Cause which sets a hearing before the judge to decide whether or not to issue a Protection Order.

Harassment Protection Orders

Harassment Protection Orders may be granted against any person harassing the petitioner that has engaged in a “willful course of conduct” which has frightened the petitioner. Behaviors can include repeated telephone calls, stalking, and detention.

Domestic Abuse Protection Orders

Domestic Abuse Protection Orders may be granted against a spouse, former spouse, a current or former roommate, a person the petitioner has had a child with, the petitioner's child, or a relative. A petitioner must be able to show that this person has been physically violent or has threatened physical violence against the petitioner and caused her/him to fear physical harm by them. Under certain circumstances, temporary child custody may be addressed as part of the order.

Sexual Abuse Protection Orders

Sexual Assault Protection Orders may be granted against any person who as sexually assaulted the petitioner.

Protection Order to Show Cause

Protection Order to Show Cause directs the responding party to appear in court to “show cause” why a protection order should not be issued against him/her. Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a Protection Order. Show cause orders can be issued in both harassment and domestic abuse orders.

Where to Obtain a Protection Order

The Sheriff’s Office does not carry the forms necessary to obtain a Protection Order. However, they are available at the Cuming County District Court Clerk’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office requires certain information to effect service of a Protection Order. If the information is not provided, the chances of service are greatly reduced. Service is necessary on any ex parte order of protection before it can take effect. All information should be provided in the protection order application; the application should be complete and accurate. The Bridge (888-721-4340) will assist with filling out a Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Protection Order. If any new information is obtained, the Sheriff's Office must be notified (402-372-6019) in order to update the record. If a photograph of the respondent is available, this may assist the Officer in identifying the party to be served.

Vacating the Order

A petitioner no longer desiring the Protection Order to remain in effect, must petition the District or County Judge to withdraw it. The Sheriff’s Office cannot stop service attempts or return the order without hearing from the court that the Order has been vacated.

Gun Permits

The requirements for application for a firearms purchase permit are as follows.

Applicant must:

  1. Be 21 years of age.
  2. Be a US citizen or US permanent resident. (If US permanent resident, you must provide US permanent residence card).
  3. Be a resident of Cuming County
  4. Have a valid Nebraska Drivers License or Nebraska State I.D. Card that has a CURRENT Cuming County address. US Citizens not born in the United States will be required to produce a valid passport or citizenship papers.

Individuals meeting the above requirements can make an application for a certificate.

There is a $5.00 cash fee due when application is made and a criminal history check will be performed. If the certificate is issued, it is valid statewide for 3 years from the date of issue.

Applications for a firearms purchase will be taken between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday ONLY. Applications will NOT be accepted on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

Title Inspections

The 1983 Session of the Nebraska Legislature passed L.B. 234, establishing a vehicle identification number or VIN inspection prior to the titling of an out-of-state vehicle in Nebraska. The statute empowered the Sheriff of each county to conduct vehicle title inspections.

The inspection shall consist of inspection of the VIN plate, manufacturer’s federal sticker, odometer reading and other pertinent documentation. If the title is being held by a lien holder or leasing company, owner will not to contact the designated County official in his/her county of residence to request the title from the lien holder or leasing company.

There is a $10.00 cash fee for the inspection.

Title inspections will be conducted between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday ONLY. Title inspections are NOT available on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

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E911 Dispatch

  Head Dispatcher Nicole Lund Email: Non-emergency phone: 402-372-6009 Fax: 402-372-3093 The Cuming County Dispatch Center answers calls for and dispatches for Bancroft, Beemer, West Point and Wisner Police Departments, Fire Departments and Rescue Squads. We also dispatch for the Cuming County Sheriff’s Office and answer their phone after hours. The Dispatch Center is separate from all of these departments. There is a Head Dispatcher who meets with the 911 Advisory Board once a month to keep them apprised of the operations of the E911 Dispatch Center. This Board consists of a representative from Bancroft, Beemer, West Point, Wisner and a County Supervisor. The County Supervisor member is the liaison between the E911 Advisory Board and the County Board of Supervisors. The Dispatch Center is Enhanced 911 with Phase II capability. The Dispatch Center is always keeping pace with technology to be ready for Next Generation 911. Enhanced 911 means that when someone in Cuming County dials 911 from a land line phone, the computer screen in the Dispatch Center will show the phone number, the name of the party that number is registered to and their address. The computer locates on a map the correct Police, Fire and Rescue Department for that address. Phase II means that when someone calls 911 from a cell phone and the call is received in the Cuming County Dispatch Center the computer screen will show the phone number of the cell phone, the cell phone company and what phase the call is. It the call is Phase I, it will show the location of the tower the call is coming from. Cuming County Dispatch Center has the ability to rebid the 911 cell phone call and see if Phase II information is available. Phase II information shows all of the same information as Phase I, but it will also show the approximate location of the caller at that time. Next Generation 911 is the ability for people to text 911 and send video to 911, however, this technology is not available yet. The Dispatcher still verifies the information on all 911 calls with the caller to know where the caller is so help can be sent to them as quickly as possible. Most of the time there is only one Dispatcher on at a time in Cuming County. The Dispatcher is responsible for:
  • answering the phone
  • dispatching the appropriate agency
  • performing Emergency Medical Dispatch for some 911 calls
  • checking license plates, driver’s histories, criminal histories for officers
  • entering warrants in the Law Enforcement computer system
  • confirming warrants if another county picks up someone on a Cuming County warrant
  • monitoring all radio traffic
  • monitoring the weather
  • anything else that may come up in the course of a shift

Cuming County Veterans Service Officer:
Jason Gatzemeyer
200 S Lincoln Rm 54, West Point, NE 68788
Office: 402-372-6012
Cell: 402-380-4174
Fax: 402-372-6013

The Cuming County Veterans Service Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to provide assistance with the following benefits and services for eligible veterans:

  • County Veterans Aid
  • Bronze Grave Marker
  • Registration of DD214
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Reporting Death of Veteran
  • Counseling and Advocacy
  • Application for State and Federal VA benefits

County Veterans’ Aid Fund
The CVA fund is a temporary emergency fund to assist veterans, their spouses, and dependents when there is an unforeseen emergency and there are no other resources available. Eligible veterans are persons who served on active duty, received an Honorable Discharge, and served during one of the defined "wartime eras" and who have resided in Nebraska for at least one year, and Cuming County for at least six months. Applicants may request assistance with food, shelter, clothing, funeral, medical, dental, and surgical items. The applicant must apply through the County Service Office in Cuming County. This is an "aid" program so the veteran must demonstrate an "inability" to meet the obligation to pay these bills, via an application.

Bronze Grave Marker
State of Nebraska statute requires the County Veterans Service Office to provide a Bronze Grave Marker for each deceased veteran's grave reflecting the veteran's wartime era. 

Registration of DD214
Cuming County records a "certified copy" of the original copy of a veterans military separation document (DD-214). Once recorded the veteran may call us from anywhere in the world and we will provide them with a "certified copy" when needed.

Homestead Exemption
Annually, the Cuming County Veterans Service Office obtains a letter from the VA Regional Office that establishes veterans (or widows) who are eligible for a tax exemption on their personal residence.  These letters are provided to the County Assessor.

Reporting Death of Veteran
Upon notification of the death of a veteran in Cuming County, the Veterans Service Officer reports the death via the State of Nebraska's VA database. Upon the family's request, the VSO also orders a “Presidential Memorial Certificate” for the family of the deceased Cuming County veteran. 

Counseling and Advocacy
Assistance with the application for State and Federal VA benefits is provided.

Military Honor plates
Military Honor license plates are available, in lieu of regular county plates, to persons who have served, or are currently serving, on active duty in the:

  • United States Army
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States National Guard, or
  • United States Navy
  • United States Army Reserve
  • United States Navy Reserve
  • United States Marine Corps Reserve
  • United States Coast Guard Reserve
  • United States Air Force Reserve

To request Military Honor license plates, the applicant must be eligible for, and enrolled in, the Nebraska Veteran's Registry through the Nebraska Department of Veteran's Affairs and have served (with an honorable or general under honorable conditions discharge/separation), or be currently serving, on active duty in the specific branch for which a license plate is requested.

There is no limit to the number of motor vehicles or trailers owned or leased by the applicant that may be licensed with a Military Honor license plate. Separate application processes are required for each Military Honor license plate requested.

Military Honor Message Plates
Cost: $40.00 (due at the time of initial application, must be renewed annually in the same month as the vehicle registration)
These plates are of exclusive design and, as with regular Message plates, are produced with an available message of your choice of up to five characters. Available to motor vehicles,  motorcycles, trailers, semitrailers and cabin trailers.

Military Honor Numeric Plates
Cost: $ 5.00 (due at the time of initial application, must be renewed annually in the same month as the vehicle registration)

These plates have the same exclusive design as on the Military Honor Message plates, but are assigned an alpha/numeric combination by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Available to motor vehicles,  motorcycles, trailers, semitrailers and cabin trailers. These plates are issued in consecutive numeric order in the order in which the applications are received.  Requests for specific numbers cannot be processed.

Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Apply for Federal VA Health Benefits Online
Apply for Federal VA Education Benefits Online
VA Forms Online
Aid and Attendance Pension
Hunt and Fish Permits for Veterans, Deployed Military & Disabled Veterans
Nebr. Disabled American Veteran License Plate Application

Veterans Board Members
Jason Gatzemeyer, (402) 380-4174
Jack Kindschuh, (402) 650-4579
Steve Schwer, (402) 380-1547
Rich Brahmer, (402) 380-0205
Dalbert Storm, (402) 648-7940
Les Feyerherm, (402) 992-7329

Veterans Board Meeting Documents

May 24 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notice of Meeting on June 28, 2021

June 28 2021 Meeting Agenda


See it, Say it, Send it App! Cuming County Nebraska is hosting a new app. The Juvenile Awareness Group (JAG) is launching an app that allows law enforcement to send messages about current or past suspicious activity, be proactive in warning about potential criminal activity and alert the community of missing or endangered persons. In return, the community empowerment side of the app allows the app users to capture images, video or audio of suspicious activity and autonomously send it to the closest law enforcement agency (Cuming County Dispatch). The hope is to utilize a day to day tool that most youth and community members own, cell phones, to help promote a safe community. For more information about the app, check out or download below.

Juvenile Diversion

Juvenile Diversion Office
200 S Lincoln St, Rm 51
West Point, NE 68788-1874

Addisen Johnson
Cuming/Burt County Diversion Coordinator

What is diversion?

Juvenile diversion is a program established in 2004 by the Juvenile Awareness Group designed to keep offenders out of the court system. It is based upon the belief that, in many instances, there is a more appropriate and beneficial way to prevent future offenses. If an offender successfully completes the program, the charges will be dropped and there will be no court record.

Youth may be eligible for diversion for an offense for each of the following offense categories:

  • MIP and/or drug related offenses
  • Assault offenses
  • Property offenses
  • Certain traffic offenses

The County Attorney must make a recommendation to the diversion program before application is considered. The County Attorney has the right to refuse or allow any individual for participation

Is diversion the same as probation?

No. You can only be placed on probation by the court after you have been found guilty of an offense.

Who is eligible for diversion?

To be eligible for diversion, youth must meet the following criteria:

  • No previous misdemeanor conviction for the same offense category.
  • No previous participation in the diversion program for the same offense category.
  • No previous felony conviction.
  • Accept responsibility for the offense.
  • Be willing to accept all of the terms and conditions of the diversion program.
  • Have not yet reached the age of 18 to participate in the (juvenile) diversion program.

How much does the diversion program cost?

The diversion program fee ranges from $50.00 to $300.00 depending on the nature of the offense, of which $25.00 will go to the Cuming County Law Enforcement Equipment Fund. In addition, you will be assessed a $50.00 non-resident fee if you reside outside of Cuming County. You will have to pay for any evaluations, counseling, classes, programs, or other services required by your diversion contract. You may also have to pay restitution.

How long am I in the diversion program?

Three months to one year depending on the nature of the offense.

How often can I be eligible for the diversion program?

An individual is eligible for the diversion program one time per offense category. An individual may not participate in diversion until at least 6 months has passed after the completion of any previous diversion program, subject to the discretion of the Diversion Coordinator to allow reentry.

What do I have to do in the diversion program?

In reality, the terms and conditions of the diversion program depend on the offense and the history of the individual. The Diversion Coordinator will discuss the specific terms and conditions of an individual’s program at the time the diversion contract is signed. Possible terms and conditions may include:

  • Obey all local, state and federal laws
  • Submit to a chemical test of blood, breath or urine
  • Alcohol/Drug Education Courses
  • Community service hours
  • Written apology
  • Written reports
  • Curfew
  • Defense Driving Course

What happens if I do not complete the program?

If you do not complete the program, your case will be returned to the County Attorney for prosecution.

What if I am arrested again while in the diversion program?

If you are arrested or charged for any offense while in the diversion program, you will not be able to complete the program until such offense has been resolved. If you plead guilty or are convicted of such offense, you will automatically be terminated from participation in the diversion program and your case will be returned to the County Attorney for prosecution. At the discretion of the Diversion Coordinator an arrest or charge for a new offense may be grounds for immediate termination from the diversion program.

What are some of the ways I could be dropped from the diversion program?

You may be removed from the diversion program by violating any term or conditions of the diversion contract.

What happens if I complete the diversion program?

No charges will be filed against you in court on this offense and you will have no court record.


Juvenile Awareness Group (JAG) is on FACEBOOK! Check us OUT!

What is JAG?
Juvenile Awareness Group (JAG) is a group of individuals from the community who meet to improve the quality of life for the youth in Cuming County through organized educational programming to deter them from the court system. JAG is made up of school officials, Region 4 Behavioral Health representatives, Elkhorn/Logan Valley Health Department representatives, mental health professionals, local Health and Human Services workers, clergy, law enforcement, county officials, parents and youth who meet once every other month in various locations in Cuming County.

JAG History
The Cuming County Juvenile Awareness Group was formed in 2004 to administer funds received by HHS (Health and Human Services) to provide services to county youth. The committee hired a part-time coordinator to oversee community service hours assigned by the court.

In 2005, JAG applied for a three-year grant to expand the program to include a youth diversion program. Through the youth diversion program, education is used to deter youth with minor criminal violations from behaviors that may eventually lead them deeper into the court system, thus saving tax dollars. After screening by the County Attorney, these youth are offered the diversion program instead of being processed through the court system. Youth who choose to accept the diversion program have their criminal record wiped clean to benefit them when applying for scholarships and advancing their careers.

Today, one-third of the diversion coordinator’s salary is paid by a renewing Nebraska Crime Commission Grant. The program not only saves tax dollars for citizens, but it also improves the lives of at-risk youth who commit a minor crime in Cuming County. Over the seven years of existence, JAG has not only created a diversion program, but it has also introduced TeamMates Mentoring Program and conducts various youth prevention programs and presentations in the County.

Major JAG Accomplishments

  • Ongoing Cuming County youth diversion program
  • Keep a Clear Mind Program – drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention program for 4th – 6th graders in the county
  • TRAILS Program introduced to 3rd graders within Cuming County helps children develop resiliency traits that build a strong foundation for healthy habits and positive decision-making skills needed when confronted with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • Save a Life Tour – Presentation involving a drug induced driving simulator for 7th – 12th grades
  • Public Service Announcement contest for 9th – 12th grades – topics: cyber bullying, cyber safety, texting and driving, alcohol and drug prevention. Scholarships were given to improve the technology departments at the students’ schools
  • Valley Hope, O’Neill, Nebraska, counselors’ presentation on drug and alcohol prevention
  • Ron Brown presentation
  • Mike Smith presentation
  • Phil Chalmers presentation
  • Self-Defense Classes 
  • Nebraska State Patrol – roll over simulation and internet safety
  • TeamMates Mentoring Program

How YOU Can Help

If you are concerned about youth in your area, volunteer to be a mentor or a JAG member by contacting:

Cuming County Juvenile Awareness Group
200 S Lincoln St., Rm 51/West Point, NE 68788


Information, resources, training, and action on alcohol and drug issues available upon requests. 


Roads & Weeds

Cuming County Highway Superintendent Chris Howser 200 South Lincoln, Room 202 West Point, NE 68788 Office (402) 372-6008 Cell  (402) 380-2582 Motor Grader Application (submit in person or Scan & email it to: See which roads are County and which are Townships. (highlighted roads are County) Nebraska Department of Roads District 3 Contact Information Township Officials Names & Numbers LR 528 Bridge Report 2020 One & Six Year Improvement Plan- Map 2020 One & Six Year Improvement Plan Notices To Bidders Forms/Permits: Public Notices:

Mowing Ditches Public Notice

The Cuming County Board of Supervisors reminds all landowners that it is the duty of the landowners to mow weeds on all public roads running along their lands at least twice each year, which should be sometime in July for the first time and sometime in September for the second time.  Trees and brush, including plum brush, also need to be removed. Particular care must be given to intersections. If the landowner does not mow the weeds and remove trees, bushes and brush, the County Board can file with the County Clerk the cost and such expense can be assessed to the landowner. On township roads, through the Township Boards, the same procedure can be followed. State Statute 39-1811.

Encroaching on Road Right-of-Way Public Notice

The Board of Supervisors and your Township Board want to bring to your attention that property owners need to be following State Statute 39-301, “Any person who injures or obstructs a public road by felling a tree or trees in, upon, or across the same, by placing or leaving any other obstruction thereon, by encroaching upon the same with any fence, crop planting, by plowing or digging any ditch or other opening thereon” is a Class V misdemeanor. “Any officer in charge of road work, after having given reasonable notice to the owners of the obstruction or person so obstructing or plowing or digging ditches upon such road, may remove any such fence or other obstruction, fill up any such ditch or excavation, and recover the necessary cost of such removal from such owner or other person obstructing such road, to be collected by such officer in an action in county court.”  This also includes planting of high crops that will obstruct vision at intersections.

Use of the road right-of-way is restricted to the township and county for maintenance only. The County or your township is attempting to clean and maintain the ditches that they are responsible for, and obstructions that you place in that right-of-way will be covered by the above-mentioned statute. Normal right-of-way extends 33’ from the center of the road.

Weed Superintendent Daniel Niemeyer 200 S Lincoln St, Rm 202 West Point, NE 68788 (402)372-2900 Complaints about noxious weeds in Cuming County can be made by calling the Weed Superintendent’s office at            (402)372-2900 or by completing the weed complaint form provided here and submitting it to Cuming County Noxious Weed Control Authority. You can print this form out and mail it to the office at: 200 S Lincoln St, Rm 301, West Point, NE 68788. You can file your noxious weed complaints online. The county weed superintendent duties include:
  • Being certified, in writing, by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a commercial applicator.
  • Examining all lands under the jurisdiction of the control authority to determine if the Noxious Weed Control Act and the rules and regulations are being complied with.
  • Compiling infestation data and other reports as the Director of Agriculture or control authority may require.
  • Supervising and carrying out the coordinated control program within the county.
  • Completing 20 hours of continuing education, annually.
  • Ascertaining and tabulating the approximate amount and location of land infested with noxious weeds in the county, annually.
  • Ascertaining and preparing information required by the county board for preparation of the county budget.
Related Links Nebraska Weed Control Association Noxious Weeds: Distinctive Characteristics Noxious weed complaint form

Clerk, Register of Deeds, Election Commissioner

Bonnie Vogltance 200 S Lincoln St, Rm 100 West Point, NE 68788 (402)372-6002 FAX: (402)372-6013 term expires: 1/2023 Additional Staff Diane Ulrich – Renee Olson – Cuming County Clerk The county clerk’s duties include recording all proceedings of the board and attending all its meetings. They also must attend all meetings of the County Board of Equalization. The clerk must countersign all warrants issued by the board which have been signed by the chairman. Special duties, as required by law may also be necessary. The clerk must keep a record of all the official bonds and a record of the layout, changes and improvements to all roads. Additional County Clerk Duties
  • County accounts payable
  • County employee payroll & Human Resource Officer
  • Issue Marriage Licenses
  • Administrative Officer for the County Board and Board of Equalization
  • Files all Board documents
  • Prepares annual budget
  • NIRMA (insurance) contact person
  • Issue County Liquor and Tobacco Licenses
Related links: Marriage License Worksheet Certified copy information for Marriage Records and Birth Records Real Estate Valuation Protest Form and Instructions Real Property Valuation Protest Information Guide Clerk, Register of Deeds, Election Commissioner FAQs Dinklage Application Special Designated Liquor License Register of Deeds Files and archives all land related documents; deeds, mortgages, etc. The register of deeds has the power to take acknowledgments, administer oaths, and certify the same by his or her signature. The register must keep a book in which every instrument filed for record in his or her office is entered and an official seal. If a register of deeds is not elected pursuant to section 32-518, the county clerk shall act as ex officio register of deeds. Related links: – FREE SERVICE – ACCESS IMAGES FOR FREE Clerk, Register of Deeds, Election Commissioner FAQs - E-Recording Real Estate Transfer Statement (521) - MUST ACCOMPANY ALL DEEDS Erecording Demonstration - CSC Erecording Solutions 23-1503.01. Instrument submitted for recording; requirements Fee Schedule Election Commissioner The Election Commissioner is responsible to maintain the voter registration list and to conduct all federal, state, county, school, city and village elections held within the county. Related links: Election Results Election Information Nebraska VoterCheck Voter Forms Voter Information Clerk, Register of Deeds, Election Commissioner FAQs Voting Guide for Students Cuming County Polling Places (text) Cuming County Precincts (maps) Supervisor District Map Online Voter Registration Check to Status of Your Voter Registration Complete Guide to College Voting


County Surveyor

Nicholas Seery PLS 689
200 S. Lincoln St, Rm 100
West Point, NE  68788

Cell: 402-380-6736

Term expires: 1/2023

It shall be the duty of the county surveyor to make or cause to be made all surveys within his or her county that the county surveyor may be called upon to make and record the same.  The county surveyor shall prepare and file the required annual inventory statement of county personal property in his or her custody or possession as provided in sections 23-346 to 23-350.

It shall be the duty of the county surveyor in surveys made by him or her to perpetuate all original corners not at the time well marked, and all corners or angles that he or she may establish or reestablish, in a permanent manner by setting monuments containing ferromagnetic material, according to the instructions of the State Surveyor.  The county surveyor is hereby authorized to restore lost and obliterated corners of original surveys and to establish the subdivisional corners of sections.

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West Point – Beemer - Bancroft TeamMates Mentoring Program is celebrating over 25 years of serving youth. The mission of the TeamMates Mentoring Program is to impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential. Dr. Tom and Nancy Osborne started TeamMates in 1991 with 22 members of the University of Nebraska football team. Those team members mentored a seventh or eighth grade boy at a Lincoln middle school until graduation. 21 of those students graduated from high school, and 18 went on to college. Right now, TeamMates is serving close to 12,000 youth in more than 130 communities across Nebraska, Iowa, and surround states. Mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one in school, once a week, during the academic year. “We don’t do this for the accolades, but when your mentee does say ‘thank you’, it touches you to your core,” Mentor Giovanni Jones said. Mentees can be nominated one of three ways. They can be nominated by a parent, a school staff member, or self-nomination. Mentors are not tutors, counselors, nor are they there to “fix” anything— they’re there to be friends. Mentors are matched with mentees based on interests and life experiences. The West Point – Beemer – Bancroft Chapter was founded in 2006 and currently serves 50 students. To become a mentor, go to To schedule an interview about the TeamMates Mentoring Program, please contact Addisen Johnson at or 372.6010 Teammates Board Members Lynette Mitzel Jackie Blocher Leigh Skoda Doug Anderson Doug Gross Ardie Smith Wendy Wooldrik Kathy Baker (Ameritas)

TEAMMATES West Point – Beemer –Bancroft TeamMates Chapter 200 S Lincoln St, Rm 51 West Point, NE 68788-1874 Addisen Johnson 402-372-6010 or 402-529-6465 (Wisner) or (Wisner)

The West Point – Beemer –Bancroft Chapter was introduced by the Juvenile Awareness Group. Wisner Chapter was in place before the start of the County Chapter.

What is TeamMates?

Tom and Nancy Osborne founded the TeamMates Mentoring Program in 1991 in an effort to provide support and encouragement to school-aged youth. The goal of the program is to see youth graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. To reach this goal, youth meet one time per week with a caring adult who serves as a mentor. Mentors are volunteers from the community who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the life of a young person. Mentors give youth a sense of hope, purpose and vision.

What are the Benefits of TeamMates? Both youth and mentors benefit from the mentoring relationship. Youth benefit by receiving encouragement and guidance from a caring adult. Mentors report building a sense of morals, teamwork, and productivity.

What is a TeamMates Mentor? A TeamMates Mentor is someone who provides a young person with support, friendship, and a positive example. TeamMates Mentors want to help young people reach their full potential.

Become a mentor today!


To receive additional information about TeamMates, visit: or contact the West Point – Beemer – Bancroft TeamMates Coordinator at (402) 372-6010.


Administrator: Jason Gatzemeyer
200 S. Lincoln St. Rm 54, West Point, NE 68788
Office: 402-372-6012 Fax: 402-372-6013

Public Hearings:

January 20, 2021


Jeff McGill
200 S Lincoln St, Rm 204
West Point, NE 68788
Office: 402-372-3163
Fax: 402-372-6013

Deputy Director:
Bradley Boyum
200 S Lincoln St, Rm 203
West Point, NE 68788
Office: 402-372-6019
Fax: 402-372-6018

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