Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts

Cuming County Court

Sandy Meyer
Clerk Magistrate
200 S. Lincoln, Room 103
West Point, NE 68788
Phone # 402-372-6003
Fax # 402-372-6030

Types of Cases filed in County Court:

  • Small Claims
  • Civil
  • Probate
  • Guardianships
  • Adoptions
  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile Petitions

For questions on the above or for information on paying traffic citations or court fines, please call the phone number listed above.

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Clerk of the District Court

Laura Wagner
200 S Lincoln Rm 200
West Point, NE 68788
(402) 372-6004
FAX:(402) 372-6017
term expires: 1/2023

Original Jurisdiction
District Courts have original jurisdiction in all:

  • Felony cases
  • Equity cases
  • Domestic relations cases
  • Civil cases where the amount in controversy involves more than $51,000

Appellate Jurisdiction
District Courts have appellate jurisdiction in:

  • Certain matters arising out of County Court
  • Administrative appeals, where they review the record of testimony and evidence from the lower court or tribunal and issue an opinion and ruling in the case

District Court decisions may be appealed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals and/or to the Nebraska Supreme Court. Clerks of District Court also act as Acceptance Agents for obtaining passports, as well as Jury Commissioner for their county.

We will be happy to help you if we can. However, this office is not staffed with licensed attorneys, therefore, this office can not and will not give you legal advice.

Case Types – Civil vs. Criminal Cases
Most legal matters filed in Nebraska state courts are classified as being civil or criminal in nature.

Civil Cases
Are disputes between private citizens, corporations, governmental bodies, or other organizations
May involve property or personal rights

Criminal Cases
Are brought by the state against individuals or groups of individuals accused of committing a crime
Are initiated by the state because crimes are considered acts against all of society

Filing Fees & Misc. Costs
A complete listing of filing, witness, jury, photocopy and fax fees can be found on the Nebraska Judicial Branch website.
Copies and certified copies of filings may be obtained from the District Court office. The following fees apply for obtaining copies:

  • Photocopies: The cost of photocopies is $0.25 per page.
  • Certification: The cost of certification is $1.00 per seal.
  • Mailed copies: Prepayment for the cost of the copies plus a self-addressed stamped envelope are required before we will mail any photocopies. Contact the District Court office at (402) 372-6004 for the exact cost of the documents you need.
  • Faxed copies: The cost of faxed copies is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. There is no charge for the cover sheet. Payment in advance is required.
  • Faxed filings: The cost of faxed filings is $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. There is no charge for the cover sheet. All fax filings must comply with the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules for the Use of Fax Machines in State Courts.

Our office does not currently accept payment by credit or debit card.

Judicial Districts – Background Information
District courts are trial courts that are divided into judicial districts serving all 93 counties of the State.

Nebraska is divided into 12 judicial districts encompassing all 93 counties. Across the State, district boundaries are aligned with county lines – some districts include just one county, while others include as many as 17.

Each district has at least one district court location, although a judge may preside in more than one district court within a judicial district, particularly in rural areas of the State. There are currently 55 district judges. Cuming County is in the Seventh Judicial District

Juror Information – Selection Process
Citizens are selected to serve on a jury from a combined list of Cuming County registered voters and licensed drivers.

  • A questionnaire is mailed to each member of the potential jury pool once a year.
  • Citizens who receive this questionnaire are required under penalty of law to answer the questions and return the form to the District Court within ten days. You may be found in contempt of court if:
    • You fail to respond to a jury summons without good cause
    • You fail to answer the qualification form
    • You misrepresent anything on the form
  • Please note that our jury questionnaire will never ask for your social security number or bank account information. If you receive something that appears to be from the court that requests this private information, please contact your local police department immediately.
  • Each questionnaire will be evaluated and those who meet the established criterion will then be put into our jury pool for the year.
  • When a jury trial is set, an impartial, random selection from this jury pool is performed as required by law. Some people are chosen several times during their lifetime, others are never chosen.

If you have any questions concerning the jury selection process, you may contact the Clerk of the District Court, who also serves as the Jury Commissioner, at (402) 372-6004.

Juror Qualifications
To qualify as a juror in Cuming County, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Be physically and mentally capable
  • Be able to read, speak and understand the English language
  • Live in Cuming County, Nebraska

You may be disqualified from serving on a jury for the following reasons:

  • If you have been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment in an adult correctional facility when the conviction has not been set aside or a pardon issued
  • If you are a Judge, Clerk of a District Court, Sheriff, or Jailer
  • If your spouse has been summoned for the same jury panel
  • If you or your spouse is a party to a lawsuit pending for trial to the jury panel for which you are summoned
  • If, within the past five years, you have served as a petit juror for more than four weeks, served on more than one grand jury, or served on both a grand jury and a petit jury
  • If you are 65 years or older, you can request not to serve, but you must do so at the time your juror questionnaire is returned