Planning and Zoning

The next Planning Commission meeting will be September 21, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

Planning, Zoning & Floodplain Administrator

Becky Lerch, CFM                           
200 S. Lincoln Room 202         
West Point, NE 68788              
(402)372-6008   office
(402)380-4726   mobile

Planning Commission Members

Tim Hunke, Chairman    402-380-0931
Mark Schweers, Vice-Chairman   402-380-8107
Kevin Brester, Secretary    402-750-6159
Rick Fullner   402-380-3414
Duane Drieling    402-380-1011
Paul Meyer   402-640-5921
Terry Jahnke   402-380-2158
Jesse Schold    402-380-0735
Larry Zobel    402-380-8597

Board of Adjustment Members

Randy Wattermann, Chairman 402-372-7005
Paul Peters, Vice Chairman 402-380-9882
Paul Meyer, Secretary/Planning Commission Representative 402-640-5921
Tom Hagedorn 402-380-9612
Daryle Urwiler 402-380-4353
Grant Brockemeier, alternate 402-394-5996

Public Records Request Form

Cuming County Comprehensive Plan

See a PDF of our Comprehensive Plan, complete or by chapter:

Complete Cuming County Comprehensive Plan (57 MB)
Introduction and Chapter 1: Cuming County Today (4.2 MB)
Chapter 2: Land Use, Environmental Resources & Energy (20.4 MB)
Chapter 3: Transportation, Infrastructure, & Public Facilities (3.1 MB)
Chapter 4: Plan Principles (2.8 MB)
Chapter 5: Cuming County’s Future Land Use Plan (revised 9/30/2015) (5 MB)
Chapter 6: Housing in Cuming County (6 MB)
Chapter 7: Plan Implementation (1.7 MB)

Current Zoning Regulations 

Zoning Regulations Adopted February 26, 2020 by Resolution 20200201

Subdivision Regulations Adopted August 29, 2018 by Resolution 20180805

Frequently Asked Questions
Cuming County Zoning Fee Schedule

Zoning Map – Electronic Map
From there, click on the Planning/Zoning Tab. There is a key on the left hand side under layers.
Current Zoning Map – PDF File – Adopted February 26, 2020

Zoning Application Forms 

Non-Agricultural Permit Application 
Grain Bin Permit Application
Ag Structure Permit Application
Livestock Feeding Operation Permit Application
Livestock Matrix – Department of Ag
Waiver of Separation Distance 
Conditional Use Permit Application 
Lot Split Application
Change of Zoning Form
Variance Form
Variance Supplemental Requirements
Floodplain Development Permit Application

Planning Commission Meeting Documents

Public Meeting/Public Hearing Policy Procedures

Documents for Public Review

2020 Planning Commission Minutes
2020 Planning Commission Agenda
2020 Planning Commission Public Notice

Archived PC Meeting Documents

2019 Planning Commission Minutes
2019 Planning Commission Agendas
2019 Planning Commission Public Notices
2018 Planning Commission Minutes
2018 Planning Commission Agendas
2018 Planning Commission Public Notices
2017 Planning Commission Minutes
2017 Planning Commission Agendas
2017 Planning Commission Public Notices
2016 Planning Commission Minutes

Archived Zoning Regulations & Map

Cuming County Zoning Regulations – adopted July, 2000 amended November, 2002
Cuming County Zoning Regulations – amended September 30, 2015
Cuming County Zoning Regulations – amended February 23, 2016
Cuming County Zoning Regulations – amended March 28, 2017
Cuming County Zoning Regulations – amended November 27, 2018
Cuming County Zoning Map – adopted May 25, 2016