Dispatch Center FAQs

Dispatch Center FAQs


How to report an emergency?
Dial 911

Possible questions you will be asked when you dial 911:
Where is your emergency?
What is your emergency?
When did the emergency occur?
What is your name?
What number can you be called back at?

What are some examples of emergencies?
(this list is not all inclusive)
Car accidents with injuries or if it is unknown if there are injuries
A crime in progress
Injuries needing immediate medical attention
Life threatening situations (heart attack, stroke, seizure, fall from a height, trouble breathing,
loss of consciousness)

How to report non-emergencies?
Call the Dispatch Center at 402-372-6009

What are some examples of non emergencies?
(this list is not all inclusive)
Dogs at large
Car accidents without injuries
A crime that is not in progress
If you are not sure what you are reporting is an emergency or not, dial 911. Emergency and non
emergency calls are answered by the Cuming County Dispatcher on duty.

Where to find information on road conditions?
Dial 511