Roads Department FAQs

Can we have a sign placed at this site? (stop sign, slow children, farm equipment, etc.)
An engineer study is required before any regulatory signs can be placed. All requests are reviewed and appropriate action taken.

Can someone look at a site where there’s a culvert, bridge or shoulder problem?
We will take the information and set a time mutually convenient to inspect the location.

Who do I contact to get gravel/maintenance on my township road?
Township Officials.

Can I get a field entrance at my property?
The Board of Supervisors have set a policy that the county will provide one field entrance per tract. Cost of a tube, future repairs, extensions and additional entrances would be at the expense of the landowner. All entrances need to be reviewed by the Road Department and permission for location etc. must be obtained prior to construction.

When will the new bridge/culvert be completed at my location?
The County’s One and Six Year Plan can give an estimated date of completion. If the project is in the One Year Plan, we can determine the expected date.