Zoning FAQs

Where can I find information on the Cuming County Zoning Regulations?
Copies of the Zoning Regulations are available on the Cuming County Website, in the public libraries, & in the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Department Office.

Who should I contact if I have questions or comments?
Cuming County Planning & Zoning Department
Becky Lerch
200 South Lincoln Street, Room 202
West Point, NE 68788
Phone: 402-372-6008
E-mail: zoning@cumingcounty.ne.gov

What is the procedure for obtaining a Variance?
A Request for Variance must be submitted to the P&Z Department on forms provided by the Department. The P&Z Administrator will review the request and make a recommendation to the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment will make a determination to grant or reject the request.

What papers are required for a Conditional Use Permit hearing?
A Request for Conditional Use Permit form, Release and Waiver form, both of which must be obtained from the P&Z Office. A legal survey of the property in question must be provided by the applicant. A list of neighboring properties that will be notified by the P&Z Administrator must be provided by a registered Abstractor. A Checklist is available from the P&Z Office that lists other requirements in order to obtain a Conditional Use Permit.

When do I need a permit to expand my Livestock Feeding Operation (LFO)?
A Permit is required for new LFOs greater than 300 Animal Units (A.U.) or for any existing LFO that increases the number of A.U.s from one level to a higher level. A.U. levels are 301-1,000; 1,001-2,500; 2,501-5,000; 5,001-7,500; 7,501-10,000; 10,001-17,500; 17,501-25,000; and 25,001 or more.

Am I allowed to build a new house on my location?
It depends in which Zoning District the property is located, the size of the acreage, presence of an existing home, etc. Specific information may be obtained from the P&Z Department.

What is the minimum number of acres required to sell an Existing Farmstead?
In an AG-1 district, you must have more than 10 acres. In an AG-2 district you must need at least 5 acres. Please contact our office for specifics.