Cuming County Economic Development

We are very grateful that you have decided to be a part of the Cuming County business community. Without your business in our communities and county, we would not be in the position we find ourselves in today.

Across the Village of Bancroft, the Village of Beemer, the City of West Point, and the City of Wisner, our communities believe in an effort to ensure economic sustainability and social vitality for the business community as well as the local residents.

Cuming County Economic Development (CCED) was established by local municipalities and county governments working together to help support local businesses and agriculture to increase the taxable valuation in hopes to provide opportunities to county residents, address rural depopulation, and to spread the county tax base and reduce property taxes. CCED is funded by an inter-local agreement between Cuming County and its four communities.

    • Business consultation (expansion, job opening advertisement, transition planning, etc.)
    • Business grant-loan support (we will help you find what is available locally and state-wide)
    • Continually update, implement and follow the Cuming County Economic Development strategic plan
    • Youth entrepreneur workshop and youth retention program
    • County-wide marketing campaign
    • Host informational workshops for housing, marketing, agricultural and business

Cuming County Economic Development, Inc. (CCED, Inc.), a partner to CCED, received its non-profit status from the IRS in July of 2013. Its mission statement and exempt purpose is to undertake activities to encourage the retention and attraction of businesses in the area to help enhance the county’s economy by focusing on business retention and expansion, people recruitment, business recruitment, community betterment and housing.

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Cuming County Economic Development Board

The Cuming County Economic Development board was formed by each village and city board nominating one individual from their community and the County Board of Supervisors nominating five individuals from throughout the county. The representation is an excellent group of multi-experienced business and community professionals. The current members are:

Jon Bailey
Board Chair
Director, NENEBHN
Stephanie James
City Clerk
Bonnie Vogltance
Cuming County
West Point
Chet McWhorter
Cuming County Public Power District
West Point
Doug Steffensmeier
Steffensmeier Insurance
Holly Schroeder
Prime Stop
Jon Cerny
Alan Harms
Harms Antique
Tom Goulette
City Administrator
West Point

Cuming County Economic Development Staff

Executive Director: David Branch

Phone: (402) 372-6001

Project Coordinator: Karsten Schuetze
Karsten joined the Economic Development office in April 2019 as the Project Coordinator. Born and raised in West Point, Karsten has a great sense of pride for Cuming County and is excited to be back in the area. He loves making everything fun and exciting in whatever he does whether that be musicals, parade floats at the County Fair, etc. He looks forward to working with Teri to do great things for Cuming County.
Phone: (402) 372-6001