Cuming County Economic Development

We are so thankful that you’ve decided to be a part of the Cuming County business community over the years. Without your business in the local community and county, we would not be in the position we find ourselves in today.

Across the Village of Bancroft, the Village of Beemer, the City of West Point, and the City of Wisner, our communities believe in an effort to ensure economic sustainability and social vitality for the business community as well as the local residents.

The Cuming County Economic Development Board is a county-wide effort to sustain, support, and grow as a county. Here are a few of the services and programs we hope to provide to all businesses within the participating communities:

  • Business consultation (expansion, job opening advertisement, transition planning, etc.)
  • Business grant-loan support (we will help you find what is available locally and state-wide)
  • Creating a local and county-wide economic development strategic plan
  • Creating a county economic development website to help promote and support the Cuming county businesses
  • Completing a monthly business/property inventory update system
  • Business plan training (6 to 8 week course)
  • Farmers/Ag Conference (in early 2011)
  • Youth entrepreneur workshop and youth retention program
  • County-wide marketing campaign
  • Updating and supporting the publishing of the county industrial fact-book
  • Business web video updates (free online commercial advertisement program)


Cuming County Economic Development Board

The program’s board was formed from each Village and City Board nominating one individual from their community and the County Board to nominate five individuals from throughout the county. The representation is an excellent group of multi-experienced business and community professionals. The current members are nominated for three years barring any changes due to elected official status.

Jon Bailey ~ Board Chair ~ Bancroft
Al Vacanti ~ Board Vice-Chair – Wisner
Bonnie Vogltance ~ Secretary/Treasurer – West Point
Dr. Jon Cerny ~ Bancroft
Holly Schroeder ~ Wisner
Rose Jaspersen ~ Oakland
Tom Goulette ~ West Point
Doug Steffensmeier ~ Beemer
Chet McWhorter ~ West Point

Cuming County Economic Development Staff

Kelly (2)

Executive Director:
Kelly Gentrup
Phone: (402) 372-6001

Administrative Assistant
Carla Kai
Phone: (402) 372-6001