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Local Committee Won’t Pursue Recreational Facility

A local committee exploring the potential for a Cuming County recreational center has decided not to pursue it, members said this week. The estimated cost of the building and its annual operating costs were the two factors that led to that decision.

The costs were disclosed in a feasibility study completed earlier this year by RDg Planning & Design and Ballard King & Associates. That study looked at what it would take to build and operate a recreational center in West Point that would serve residents in a 15-to-20-mile radius.

Those two firms looked at estimated costs and revenue sources for a recreational center that would have included an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, walking track, fitness center, exercise rooms and multi-purpose room. The building also would include an early education center with classrooms and administration area.

Approximately 55,000 square feet would be needed for the rec center, the study said. The feasibility study showed a construction cost of $14.7 million. That included site acquisition and improvements, construction and contingencies.

Per the study, the annual cost to operate the center would be from $1.1 million to $1.2 million in the first five years, with revenue estimated to range from $741,460 in year one to $875,723 in year five.

The revenue shortfall would remain at about $360,000 a year in each of the first five years, the study showed. The local committee began raising the $30,000 for the feasibility study in November, 2014, after the Sherwood Foundation of Omaha agreed to provide a $15,000 grant. The grant was contingent on the committee matching that amount with money raised locally. The $15,000 in local funds was hit in April of 2015. The study was finalized in April of this year.

Feasibility Report: cuming-county-final-report

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