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Specifications for Dump Truck


Cuming County Board of Supervisors will take sealed bids until March 30, 2016 at 9:45 a.m., at the supervisors meeting room, Cuming County Courthouse, West Point, Nebraska, for a new tandem axle truck with dump box, snow plow, and salt spreader. Each bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Cuming County Clerk, West Point, Nebraska and marked TANDEM AXLE DUMP TRUCK.

In the bidders sealed envelope proposal the truck bids are to include separate body builder bids from each of the bidding body builders, for bid comparison.

Bid to include total completion/availability time.

The Board of Supervisors for Cuming County reserves the right to waive any irregularities in said proposal prior to entering into contract. The Cuming County Board further reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Each bid shall be accompanied with a certified check in the amount of $500.00 made payable to the Cuming County Treasurer that shall guarantee good faith on the part of the bidder. This will be retained by Cuming County until all specifications and shipment have been completed to the satisfaction of the Cuming County Board.

The truck will have a minimum of 13.3/15.8 cubic yard-14 foot long dump box with hoist along with hydraulics for front mounted snow plow and hydraulic controls for sander by the body builder. The truck will also include a new fully fitted snow plow and salt/sand spreader. Truck will be used for heavy duty snow plowing, sanding and on/off road hauling of various materials. Truck to be furnished with all electrical wiring to accommodate intended use including box and snow plow lighting.

This form must be completed and sent to: 200 S LINCOLN ST. ROOM 202 WEST POINT, NE 68788, at least 3 days before opening of the bids.

Mark: YES, NO, or OTHER; if other, then list the number along with a definition.

Truck to be a 2017 model year and to meet minimum specifications with all new equipment installed and operating as follows:

Vehicle Application:

  1. Front snow plow/salter/end dump body
  2. Used on paved and gravel/dirt roads
  3. Truck to be geared for plowing/salting speeds between 20-40 mph and road speeds up to 75 mph

Vehicle Configuration:

  1. _________2017 model year
  2. _________Set back front axle
  3. _________Expected gross vehicle weight capacity: 60,000 lbs.


  1. _________Provide 450 HP with 1650 FT-LBS torque minimum



Engine Equipment:

  1. _________Side of hood air intake with firewall mounted Donaldson air cleaner with safety element and inside/outside air with snow door and dash mounted control switch
  2. _________160 amp alternator minimum
  3. _________(3) three group 31, 12 volt maintenance free 3375 CCA threaded stud batteries
  4. ________Single battery box frame mounted LH side under cab for clear back-of-cab frame rails (If unable to mount directly under cab, then location to be determined by the body builder).
  5. ________Battery box to include molded removable cover
  6. ________19.0 CFM air compressor with safety valve
  7. ________Jacobs compression brake
  8. ________RH outboard under step mounted horizontal aftertreatment system assembly with RH B-pillar mounted vertical exhaust pipe.
  9. ________Engine aftertreatment device, automatic over the road regeneration and dash mounted regeneration switch along with Inhibit regen switch.
  10. ________9 foot 6 inch exhaust system height
  11. ________RH curved vertical tailpipe B-pillar mounted routed from step
  12. ________LH mounted, 13 gallon diesel exhaust fluid tank
  13. ________Automatic engine cooling fan control with override dash switch and indicator light
  14. ________Factory engine mounted fuel filter/fuel water separator with water-in-fuel indicator
  15. ________Adaptor flange for front PTO pump mounting
  16. ________Engine block heater Phillips-Temro 115 volt/1500 watt with plug-in mounted under driver side door


  1. ________Eaton Fuller RTO-16908LL manual transmission with double low and overdrive, air shift
  2. ________Internal lube oil pump
  3. ________Transmission oil cooler
  4. ________Synthetic transmission fluid

Front Axle and Equipment:

  1. ________20,000 lb. axle
  2. ________Front brake dust shields
  3. ________Front-oil type hub caps with window, center and side plugs
  4. ________Synthetic front axle fluid
  5. ________Power steering with auxiliary gear (dual steering gear)
  6. ________Power steering cooler
  7. ________20,000 lb. front suspension with shock absorbers

Rear Axle and Equipment:

  1. ________40,000 lb. tandem rear axle
  2. ________Iron rear axle carrier with optional heavy duty axle housing
  3. ________Driver controlled power divider
  4. ________Single switch, driver controlled full differential lock for the forward-rear and rear-rear axle lock valve
  5. ________Rear brake dust shields
  6. ________Synthetic rear axle fluid
  7. ________40,000 lb. Hendrickson Haulmaax suspension system


Brake System:

  1. ________ABS without traction control
  2. ________Brake line air dryer with heater and replaceable filter
  3. ________Manual drain valves for air tanks


Wheelbase and Frame:

  1. ________Wheelbase must be determined by the truck builder and body builder
  2. ________3.2 million RBM single frame rail with same strength of double frame (no double frame)
  3. ________24 inch integral front frame extension with adaptor flange for front PTO mounting
  4. ________Crossmembers, what the truck builder feels appropriate for this type of truck application
  5. ________Heavy duty suspension cross member
  6. ________Rear frame overhang to be determined by the body builder

Fuel Tank:

  1. ________80 gallon aluminum fuel tank
  2. ________Mounted on LH side
  3. ________Davco 482 fuel/water separator with 12 volt preheater


  1. ________Continental HSU2, for the steer tires
  2. ________Continental HDR2, for the drive tires
  3. ________315/80R22.5 20 ply radial front tires
  4. 5 16 ply radial rear tires


  1. ________Steel front and rear hubs


  1. ________ (2) Wheels, front steel disc; 22.5”x 9”, painted white, 5 hand hole, 10 stud hub piloted, flanged nut mount
  2. ________ (8) Wheels, heavy duty rear steel disc; 22.5”x 8.25”, painted white, 2 or 5 hand hole, 10 stud hub piloted, flanged nut mount


Cab Exterior:

  1. ________Conventional cab
  2. ________Painted cab exterior mounted one piece sun visor
  3. ________Air cab mounts
  4. ________Nonremovable bugscreen mounted behind grille
  5. ________Factory bolt-on molded flexible fender extensions
  6. ________LH exterior grab handle
  7. ________Bright finish radiator shell/hood bezel
  8. ________Stationary grille with bright accents
  9. ________Hood mounted air intake grille
  10. ________Roof mounted polished air horns
  11. ________Horn shield for air horns
  12. ________Additional electric horn
  13. ________Door locks and ignition keyed the same
  14. ________Halogen composite headlamps with bright bezels
  15. ________ (5) roof mounted amber marker lights
  16. ________ (2) top of fender mount marker/turn signal lights in addition to the ones up front by the headlamps
  17. ________Body builder wiring provision rear of frame with sealed connectors for tail/turn/marker/backup/accessory power/ground and sealed connector for stop/turn
  18. ________Auxiliary harness 5.0 foot for auxiliary front head lights and turn signals for front snow plow light application
  19. ________Dual west coast heated mirrors with LH and RH remote
  20. ________LH and RH 8 inch convex mirrors mounted under primary mirrors
  21. ________Mirrors to be door mounted
  22. ________Tinted rear window
  23. ________Tinted LH and RH door glass and wing windows
  24. ________Tinted front windshield
  25. ________Manual door window regulators
  26. ________2 gallon windshield washer fluid reservoir
  27. ________ (2) steps per door

Cab Interior:

  1. ________Insulated cab
  2. ________Driver side and passenger side interior grab handles
  3. ________Driver side and passenger side door storage pockets
  4. ________Forward roof mounted overhead console with dual upper storage compartments with retainer nets and CB radio pocket
  5. ________ (2) cup holders LH and RH dash
  6. ________Wing/Ergonomic dash (FLAT DASH UNACCEPTABLE)
  7. ________Heater, defroster, and air conditioning
  8. ________Standard HVAC ducting with snow shield
  9. ________Fresh air intake filter
  10. ________Dome light, door open activated with override switch for lighting on-demand
  11. ________Door mounted courtesy lamps
  12. ________Manual door locks
  13. ________12 volt power supply in dash
  14. ________Air suspension driver seat, high back with headrest, cloth covered, isolator, air operated lumbar adjust, air operated cushion adjust, manual back angle and slide adjust
  15. ________Standard non suspension, high back, fixed back with headrest, cloth covered
  16. ________LH (driver’s side) seat to have adjustable armrests on inner and outer side of seat, fixed door panel with integral armrest is acceptable for outer armrest only
  17. ________Adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column
  18. ________Driver and passenger interior sun visors
  19. ________18 inch steering wheel

Instruments and Controls:

  1. ________2 inch primary and secondary air pressure gauges
  2. ________2 inch electronic fuel gauge
  3. ________Electronic voltage gauge
  4. ________Electrical engine coolant temperature gauge
  5. ________2 inch transmission oil temperature gauge
  6. ________Electronic engine oil pressure gauge
  7. ________Electronic MPH speedometer
  8. ________Electronic RPM tachometer
  9. ________Electronic cruise control
  10. ________Idle-up feature, engine speed control when park brake is set
  11. ________AM/FM/WB/Clock/3mm auxiliary input, with (2) speakers
  12. ________Dash mounted radio
  13. ________CB radio accommodation package; header mounted; power and ground source; antenna base
  14. ________ (4) factory installed on/off rocker switches in the dash with indicator lights and wire routed to rear of frame labeled OPT. for the body builder
  15. ________Pre-trip lamp inspection switch mounted in dash
  16. ________Single electronic windshield wiper motor with delay
  17. ________Factory snow plow light switch (when activated, cancels normal headlights and powers snow plow lights with all the same headlight controls)
  18. ________Self-canceling turn signal switch with dimmer, washer/wiper
  19. ________Integral electronic turn signal flasher with hazard lamps overriding stop lamps


  1. ________Cab color will be specify upon the winning bid (red to a dark red)
  2. ________Frame color-black
  3. ________Front and rear wheel color-white



Vehicle Manuals:

  1. ________Full set of factory operator manuals
  2. ________Factory service information; example- Internationals OnCommand, VIN based technical repair information with no subscription fee to use/keep it.
  3. ________Factory parts information; example- Internationals OnCommand, VIN based parts information with no subscription fee to use/keep it.



  1. Bids to include all services and adjustments provided in the manufacturers standard warranty for this type of vehicle
  2. The above general specifications shall be considered minimum and where the manufacturers standard component parts exceed these specifications, the standard components shall apply
  3. In making the final selection of the vehicle to be ordered, the County Board of Supervisors may consider, in addition to the bid price, such factors as parts availability, service, warranty, and delivery time
  4. New vehicle fitted with accessories will be picked up by the county maintenance department from the dealer/body builder and inspected before payment is received




  1. ________14 Feet in Length
  2. ________44” Side Height
  3. ________60” Head Height
  4. ________52” Tailgate
  5. ________13.3/15.8 Cubic Yards


  1. ________Model 130-5-5-3 Trunnion Mount with internal doghouse
  2. ________NTEA Class 90, 26.8 Tons In Capacity


  1. ________3/16, AR400 with side knee brace


  1. ________10 Gauge 201 Stainless Steel with additional single weld-on side brace
  2. ________Top rail 2” flat, then sloped to except side boards
  3. ________Contoured front posts 201 Stainless Steel
  4. ________Rear corner post material 7 gauge 201 Stainless Steel


  1. ________201 Stainless Steel
  2. ________Triple horizontal bracing
  3. ________Heavy duty 1 ¼” pins with 1” plate reinforcement, non-greaseable
  4. ________Straight tailgate design (not sloped)
  5. ________Double acting 3 ½” air cylinder latch
  6. ________Tailgate lift loop


  1. ________Greaseable blocks
  2. ________2” cold rolled pin body hinge construction


  1. ________22”x78”, 10 gauge with 7 gauge endplates, 201 Stainless Steel


  1. ________Steps/handles to be welded to side of truck, above drivers side rear drive axle


  1. ________5 lb. Fire extinguisher mounted in cab


  1. ________Front mount load sensing hydraulic system
  2. ________Pump model FASD34L


  1. ________1” steel ball valve
  2. ________30 gallon reservoir
  3. ________Temp/level sensor
  4. ________10 micron spin on filter assembly and check valve


  1. ________Add-a-stack valves, load sensing type, to operate hoist
  2. ________Double acting snow plow hoist
  3. ________Snow plow controls will be joystick control for lifting and angling
  4. ________Double acting plow lift with plow angle controls
  5. ________Spreader controls and valve mounted in cab with tower
  6. ________Mounted in valve enclosure on outside of frame rail on drivers side
  7. ________Morse cable system with dynamic rod seal
  8. ________Cables and bulkhead type connections at valve bank


  1. ________All body lights installed
  2. ________One piece sealed wiring harness in weather tight junction box
  3. ________Wires run through conduit


  1. ________6” oval recessed LED at rear of body, above cutout for marker/stop light
  2. ________6” tall LED strobe beacon mounted on top of cab shield, amber on drivers side and blue on passengers side


  1. ________Tailor made Henderson stainless steel snow plow light brackets, mounted to hood
  2. ________Truck-lite #80990, 7” round heated LED snow plow light kit


  1. ________Heavy duty tailor made rear tow hitch system


  1. ________Vibco DC3500 or Steffen Humper Dumper III
  2. ________Mounted between the frame rails of the box toward the front




  1. ________Hydraulic driven auger and spinner
  2. ________Mounting hardware to be 201 Stainless Steel
  3. ________Spill shields to be 201 stainless steel and bolted to tailgate with stainless steel bolts
  4. ________Spreader light mounted on spreader with on/off switch in cab


HENKE FVX-12 Specifications


The following specification describes a Henke Multi-Directional Folding V Plow, model FVX-12, designed specifically for dump truck application.


Plow moldboard shall be 41” tall, 147” long in the straight mode and capable of power angling 35 degrees to windrow snow right or left.  The plow shall also be capable of hydraulically moving into scoop mode to capture and carrying snow.  The resulting width shall be 116”.  The plow shall also be capable of hydraulically moving into V mode to bust drifts, which shall result in a width of 125.5”.


Moldboard must be constructed as box paneled with (12) .375” x 4.75” tapered vertical ribs with formed box panel reinforcement.


Plow shall include an adjustable compression spring trip edge system with a 4” x 4” .625” thick bottom angle that will allow the plow to clear roadway obstructions.  This shall be accomplished by (6) vertically oriented compression springs.  The plow shall allow for a 35 degree trip clearance and include a positive mechanical stop.


Plow center pivot hinge constructed of 3.5” O.D. .625” wall D.O.M. with 2.188” solid cold rolled steel center pin shall allow for the plow to rotate into an infinite variety of positions.  (2) Independent 3.5” x 16.5” x 2” D.A. hydraulic cylinders shall power the motion into this variety of positions.


Plow must provide for level lifting under a variety of conditions by utilizing a specially mechanical leveling device built into the parallel lift mechanism.




Henke Parallel Lift Specifications


The reversing frame assembly shall include a lower, mid, & upper tubes made from 5x3x.38” square steel tubing, minimum 125.50”.  There shall be (2) fully welded vertical supports joining the outer ends of the tubes. There shall be an inner support at the center pivot connecting/supporting all three tubes.


At the center of the reversing frame, there shall be a center swivel structure, attached to the reversing frame by (2) fully welded supports.


Between the inner supports and the center swivel structure, there shall be (2) cylinder attaching structures, each consisting of steel plate 1.00” thick.


The top of the pushframe shall be attached to the moldboard assembly using (2) stabilizer bars made from 5x3x.38” tubing, and secured on each end with 1.13” cold-rolled pins.  The attaching ears on the pushframe have two holes, which provide for cutting edge attack angle positions of 7, 15, and 25 degrees.


There shall be (2) poly stop pads attached to the reversing frame assembly.  These stops shall serve as reversing stops, contacting the plow portion flat plate hitch when the plow is fully reversed.


There shall be (2) parking stand outer retaining tubes welded to the reversing frame, each made of 2” Sch. 40 black pipe measuring 26” long.  Two parking stand inner tube assemblies shall be installed in the outer tube assemblies, to be used when hydraulically lifting the plow off of the flat plate hitch truck portion, and to support the plow when parked.  Each inner tube shall be made of 1.5” Sch. 80 black pipe, 42” long, with a total of (7) adjustment holes.  Each parking stand assembly shall include a welded foot made of C3 x 5# channel, 10” long, braced with a 3x3x.38” triangular gusset.  The parking stands shall allow for height adjustment in 1” increments.


The swivel assembly shall attach the upper and lower arm assemblies to the pushframe, in conjunction with the center pivot shaft.


Four greasable 4.00” OD x 3.03” ID x 3” long bushings shall be fully welded to the bushing supports.  The center pivot shaft shall install through these bushings.


The swivel assembly shall attach to the pushframe using  a 1.5” Grade 8 bolt, slotted nut, and hardened washer in the center, and (4) 1” Grade 8 bolts spaced above and below the center bolt.  The (4) 1” bolts shall be secured using slotted nuts, hardened washers under the head, and 2” OD x .50” thick fabricated washers under the nut.


The swivel assembly shall allow the plow to swivel 3 degrees each direction (6 degrees total) so that it can effectively follow the contour of the road surface.


The swivel assembly shall automatically center the plow in the unswiveled position when swivel is not required, through the use of two compression springs installed between the pushframe and swivel assembly.


There shall be two spring holders made of 1.5” Sch. 80 black pipe welded to the swivel assembly.  The two centering springs shall be 6.75” long, 3.31” OD, of .562” diameter wire, with a minimum spring rate of 1182 lbs./inch.


The spring force of the centering springs shall be adjustable by means of (2) screw assemblies made of 1.25” diameter Acme threaded rod.  Each screw assembly shall include a 2” OD x 1.28” ID x 1.5” long tube welded to one end, a freely spinning disc measuring 3.5” OD x 1.28” ID x .50” thick that compresses the spring and allows for ease of adjustment, and a welded nut which holds the disc in place.


Each screw assembly shall be secured to the pushframe using an adjusting screw holder, a jam nut, and (2) 5/8” diameter Grade 8 bolts.  The adjusting screw holder shall be a welded assembly consisting of a round tube 2” OD x 1.28” ID x 4” long, a welded nut, and an attaching plate measuring 2” x 4.5” x .50” thick.


The upper and lower arm assemblies shall each be constructed using (2) pieces of 3x3x.38” square steel tubing.  The rear of each square tube shall be capped by a .50” thick steel plate, and to each cap plate shall be welded (2) 4.75” x 3.00” x .75” thick steel ears, with drilled holes for 1.25” diameter pins.


The front of the square steel tubes shall be joined by (2) 6.82” x 3.00” x .63” thick brake-formed steel ears, with 2.25” OD x 1.28” ID x .50” thick steel bosses welded to each ear to maximize the strength of the connection point between the arm assembly and the center pivot shaft.


The upper arm assembly shall be further reinforced by a 16.41” x 9.88” x .50” thick steel plate, fully welded to both tubes and both front ears.


The lower arm assembly shall be further reinforced by a 17.93” x 13.92” x .50” thick steel plate, with a 3.5” long bent leg on the aft side.  The plate shall be fully welded to the square tubes and the front ears of the lower arm assembly along all edges.


Two 4.5” x 4.0” x .75” thick steel ears shall be fully welded to the top surface of the lower arm assembly, for attachment of the lift cylinder.  The lift cylinder shall attach to the lower arm assembly using a 1” diameter cold-finished steel pin.


The upper and lower arm assemblies shall be attached to the swivel assembly by a 3” diameter cold-finished solid steel shaft, 38.00” long, with two machined flats at the points of arm attachment.  To achieve maximum strength, ensure a direct line of force transmission, and eliminate the possibility of knuckle failures due to off-center loading, the upper and lower arm assemblies shall be attached DIRECTLY to the center pivot shaft – NO EXCEPTIONS, using 1.25” diameter cold-finished steel pins.  Knuckles SHALL NOT be used to attach the upper and lower arm assemblies to the center shaft or swivel assembly.


To provide for ease of maintenance, the pins used to connect the upper and lower arm assemblies shall NOT be welded in place.  The pins must be able to be removed by removing standard fasteners with standard tools;  no torching or cutting shall be required.


The center pivot shaft shall be secured to the swivel assembly using a 4” OD x 3.03” ID x 6.88” long steel bushing, a 1” diameter Grade 8 bolt, and a nylock nut and hardened washer.


The plow shall be designed to install and uninstall from the truck hitch hydraulically, using its own lift cylinder.  No external lifting device shall be required to install and uninstall the plow from the truck hitch.


For ease of maintenance and to minimize stocking of cylinders and spare parts, the plow shall utilize 3 identical hydraulic cylinders to accomplish both reversing and lift.


The hydraulic cylinders shall be 4” diameter bore, 2” diameter rod, and minimum 15.13” stroke.  The cylinders shall have nitride cylinder rods for corrosion resistance and chip resistance.


To minimize maintenance issues, the cylinders shall be single-stage, non-telescoping.


To optimize the discharge of snow, the plow reversing system shall be designed to allow for a full 35 degrees of rotation in both left and right directions, measured with the plow on the ground in plowing position.


Plow lift cylinder shall attach at each end with 1” diameter, cold-finished steel pins.


Plow shall include anti-drift bar, which may be installed when the plow is attached to the truck and in transport position.


The hydraulic reversing cylinders shall attach to the plow portion flat plate hitch and the reversing frame using single-piece cast or machined knuckles, which are designed so that the line of force of the cylinder travels directly through the axis of the pins which attach the knuckle to the hitch or reversing frame, regardless of reversing angle or plow position.  This ensures maximum strength of the attachment and prevents knuckle failures due to off-center loading.  The knuckles shall be 5.88” long and 3.25” across, and shall be attached at the top and bottom using 1” diameter pin assemblies with welded heads, which are each secured using (2) ½” Grade 8 bolts.  The hydraulic cylinder shall be secured to the knuckle on each end using a 1” diameter clevis pin.


The plow shall come standard with a 1000 psi crossover relief valve, to help prevent plow damage due to sudden impacts.


The flat plate hitch plow portion serves to attach the plow to the truck.  It attaches to the flat plate hitch truck portion at the rear, and to the upper and lower arm assemblies, reversing cylinders, and lift cylinder at the front.


Flat plate hitch plow portion shall include a main plate measuring 44 x 33 x .63”.  It shall include (2) welded outer vertical supports measuring 4 x 30 x 1” thick, with drilled holes for attachment of the upper and lower arm assemblies using 1.25” diameter cold-finished steel pins.  It shall include (2) welded inner vertical supports measuring 2.5 x 29 x .50” thick.  The inner and outer vertical supports shall be joined by a total of (4) welded horizontal braces measuring 2.5 x 6 x .50” thick.


Shall include a center structure made of (3) pieces of 3x3x.38” square tubing welded together, extending 12” above the top of the main plate, and fully welded to the outer vertical supports, inner vertical supports, and main plate.  Each tube joint shall be braced in the back with a welded brace plate measuring 2.25 x 4.83 x .38”.  The center tube of the structure shall include (2) mounting ears measuring 6.63 x 4.77 x .75” thick, for attachment of the plow lift cylinder.


Shall include (2) cylinder mounting bars, measuring 2.75 x 19.25 x 1” thick, spanning between the inner vertical supports.  These shall be braced with a vertical center brace measuring 2.5 x 6 x .50” thick.


Outside of the outer vertical supports, (2) reversing stops shall be mounted, that are formed of 1” diameter cold-finished round bar, 34” long, rolled into a smooth arc.  This reversing bars serve as mechanical stops to limit the reversing angle of the plow and protect the reversing cylinders from damage.   Each reversing bar is welded to a support plate measuring 10.09 x 30 x .50” thick.  Each support plate is braced by a total of (4) .50” thick gussets, (3) of which pass through slots in the support plate to brace it in both directions.


On the back of the flat plate hitch plow portion, (2) 4.72 x 4.63 x 1” thick hooks serve to attach the plow portion and truck portion of the hitch together at the upper end.  Each hook is welded to a 3.5 x 6 x .75” thick attaching bar, which is in turn welded to the main plate.   Each hook is welded to the attaching bar using a minimum of 17” linear inches of weld, and each attaching bar is welded to the flat plate using a minimum of 13” linear inches of weld, to ensure that the hooks will remain secured even in the most severe plowing conditions.


The flat plate hitch plow portion includes (2) mounting ears, measuring 4 x 10.25 x 1” thick, which serve to secure the plow portion and truck portion of the flat plate hitch together at the lower end.  For ease of plow engagement, the design of the mounting ears allows for a horizontal misalignment of 1.75” in either direction.  Within this range, the two portions will be automatically guided together into a centered position as the truck pulls forward.  Each mounting ear is braced at the top and the bottom by full-length, .50” thick welded gussets for severe-duty service.


The plow portion and truck portion flat plate hitch shall be secured at the lower end using (2) 1.5” diameter cold-finished attaching pins.  The pins shall be engaged and disengaged using a spring-loaded mechanism operated with a single lever.







  1. ________Full factory set of the operators manuals
  2. ________Full factory set of the service manuals
  3. ________Full factory set of the parts manuals


  • The above general specifications shall be considered minimum







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