Wisner Heritage Museum

Residents of Wisner, proud of their heritage, started the Wisner Heritage Museum in 1996. The museum doors were first opened to the public during the community’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, as part of the Quasquicentenniel (Q125) year-long celebration.

After procuring a location along Highway 275, a small group of citizens began constructing the town they remembered from years past. The museum board and many volunteers are working toward preserving the community’s history plus provide education.

A reconstruction of Phil’s Tire Shop, a successful Wisner business that closed after 60 years, is on display at the Wisner Heritage Museum. Other displays include a church, drug store, sewing room, yarn making, weaving, school heritage, sports of all types, autograph books, photography, soap making, cooking, hat collection and tins of the past.

Contact information:

512 Avenue “E”
Wisner, NE 68791