Wisner River Park

Wisner has three parks with the main park being Wisner River Park, located along the North bank of the Elkhorn River in the southeastern portion of Wisner.

River Park sports three playing fields which host the Little League and American Legion baseball action, along with girls softball.

A new boat ramp at River Park provides easy access to the Elkhorn River for canoes, air boats and tanks. You will also catch many fishermen casting off the banks of the river in the park, as well as kids casting lines into a lake located on the northeastern part of the park. This lake is stocked annually with sufficient bullheads.

Camping is big at River Park, with a good number of camping hookups available, as well as a clean bathroom and shower facility. There are also multiple roofed-in picnic areas located at River Park.

Adjacent to, and just east of, River Park is a minipark, which contains a tennis court and picnic area. It is located next to Wisner’s City Auditorium.